M/Y Harmony

Given the busy schedule of our privately owned 130' Westport and the need to appease last minute changes from seven different owners, Jill at BAYASSIST was able to find dockage for us in Vancouver during the high season with very little advance notice. This allowed us to please the owners by having a dock whenever we needed it. It definitely made a huge difference in our season.

Brian O'Sullivan
Owner/Captain, M/Y KOMOKWA

Matthew Martin of BAYASSIST was employed on the M/Y Komokwa from June 2012 to October 2013 as our Chief Engineer. The M/Y Komokwa was purchased as a new vessel, but had been operated by the dealer for two years throughout Europe. Anxious to sell the yacht but reluctant to spend more money, the dealer cut corners at every opportunity. Moreover, the vessel was never properly commissioned by the manufacturer. This made Matt’s work challenging as every aspect of the yacht had to be approached as though it was fundamentally suspect. Matt took on each job with enthusiasm and dedication.

He singularly ended up commissioning the yacht on his own.

In addition to commissioning and running of the yacht Matt handled an 8 ½ month refit at Delta Marine in Seattle where we essentially replaced the hull, modified many of its major systems and added new systems to it. Matt supervised all of these efforts commuting from Vancouver to Seattle weekly and staying on top of the entire process.

After Komokwa left Vancouver in October 2013 on a 3-4 year circumnavigation we continue to employ Matt as our “shore-side” yacht manager, a job he has performed flawlessly.

Currently Matt segues between shore-side manager, on-board manager and engineer. He has been with the yacht on our April 2014 Pacific crossing (Puerto Vallarta to Tahiti) and our January 2015 crossing of the Tasman Sea between Sydney and Auckland.

Matt is an invaluable member of the Komokwa team and I am happy to provide the reference.

Norman Pigott
Captain, M/Y ONIKA

I recently made the acquaintance of Matthew Martin on a social basis and also business related. As the captain of a recently launched Delta 133’ motor yacht, I found Matt to be extremely helpful on our visit to Vancouver. He could not do enough for me with regard to passing on local knowledge of places worth visiting in British Columbia.

It was refreshing to meet someone like Matt, who is courteous, hard working and reliable. I certainly would not hesitate to use Matt and his company, BAYASSIST Marine Group, for any yacht related needs in the future. I wish him and his company every success.

Mike Simpson

My name is Mike Simpson and I am a Yacht Captain on M/​Y CKD located in Quayside Marina in Vancouver B.C. I was referred to Matt Martin and his company BAYASSIST Marine Group ​to undergo some mechanical repairs to M/Y​ CKD​, and was more than impressed with his work ethic, knowledge and skill in resolving and repairing the complicated issues I was experiencing with my w​ater pump system.

He sourced the parts and made numerous emails and phone calls on the y​achts behalf and ended up resolving the problem which two other professionals were not able to do. He went above and beyond my expectations and I would recommend him in a heartbeat to any m​ariners pursuing his expertise.

Yacht Owner,
100ft Motor Yacht

I am the owner of a 100 ft motor yacht that has cruised the Caribbean and now Pacific Northwest for several years. Matt at BAYASSIST Marine Group has been really helpful – being “my man in Vancouver” helping to source parts and people over the last two years.Matt Martin also helped by flying to a remote location in Croatia to inspect a 130ft Horizon that I was considering buying. Matt made this very easy – planning and completing the inspection with little input from me.Trust is often hard to come by in the yachting world but with BAYASSIST it is always clear that my best interests are truly being taken to heart with open communication and transparency in all business transactions. Matt’s background in yachting and engineering lends great value to his work in yacht management.I would not hesitate to work with Matt at BAYASSIST in the future.

Rory Hogan
Captain, M/Y SERENE

During our prolonged visit to the Pacific Northwest Matt at BAYASSIST was of great assistance to us. Myself and the rest of the crew on M/Y Serene were delighted with Matt’s assistance and his local knowledge was invaluable.

In both Vancouver and Seattle Matt was able to organize and recommend various contractors and tradesmen who carried out some great work. Matt was also able to put me in touch with some local Captains with a deep understanding of the BC and Alaska coastlines who were instrumental in assisting us with our passage and itinerary planning. I would gladly recommend Matt at BAYASSIST to any yacht, big or small, visiting the Pacific Northwest.

Tony Hatfield
Diamond Painting, LLC

Diamond Painting was involved in the refit of M/Y Komokwa and worked directly with Matt Martin. I found Matt to be extremely professional and helpful throughout the project and was instrumental as the liaison between Diamond Painting and the owner of the vessel.

I would highly recommend Matt for any type of project.